The Rainbow Warrior
Ruby Davis
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Energy Body 101

  • Reiki and EFT work by increasing the flow of energy through the energy body.

  • Reiki and EFT addresses problems that have an emotional/ energetic component.

  • Reiki and EFT address the “Third Field” in the Mind, Body, Spirit Triad.

  • Reiki and EFT are primary treatments for the energy body.

  • Energy work has proven to be successful at relieving stress.

  • Energy work can help with stuck and negative emotions.​  

  • Energy work is never a replacement for psychotherapy.

Improving the flow of energy through the energy body has been found to be beneficial for mind, body, and spirit.

Where Do Blockages In The Energy System Come From?

  • Something happened that caused the energy system to become blocked and no longer function as it should.

  • Blockages cause energy system stress - The energy system becomes chaotic.

  • Depending on where the blockage is located, this can lead to many different symptoms and side effects.

  • If healing for the blockage is not offered at the time or shortly after the event, the manifestation of energy system problems become ever worse as time goes on.

  • As major energy highways through the energy body become re-routed and disturbed more, other areas of the energy body are affected, producing a whole host of new symptoms as a direct result.  

  • The longer a blockage remains in the energy system, the more different symptoms across the board it will produce naturally and automatically and the higher the energy body stress levels become overall.

Removing blockages from the energy body is always a good thing.

There are no exceptions to this rule.

Energy System Stress

The more stressed the energy system becomes, the more severe the symptoms become in a direct cause and effect relationship.

  • Disturbed emotions- inappropriate anger, sadness, aggression, withdrawal, depression, anxiety, etc.)

  • Disturbed thinking - unrealistic thoughts, mixed up thoughts, inability to think clearly, hallucinating, paranoia, crazy thinking, low self esteem, doubts, illogical beliefs, values and attitudes, conflicts, indecision etc.

  • Disturbed body postures - ragged and confused movements, choppy and incomplete gestures, facial expressions of disturbance, lack of coordination, uncontrolled breathing, voice disturbances, stiff and locked body, trembling, shaking, blushing, performance failures etc.

  • Disturbed speaking patterns - lack of rhythm, forgetting vocabulary, mixing up words, grammatical disturbances, high level use of expletives and swear words, stuttering, inability to express vocally, inappropriate voice pitch and volume, etc.

  • Disturbed social functioning - relationship problems, communication failure, uncivilized behavior, selfishness, lack of emotional intelligence, introversion etc.

  • Disturbed physical functioning - eating disorders, digestive problems, sleep disturbances, immune system stress/ failure, prone to accidents, addictions, failures to heal/ restore, lack of physical energy for physical tasks etc.

Every normal human being will begin to show these signs of stress when stress becomes high enough.  

"To firstly reduce stress in the energy body, and then to further improve energy flow through the energy body to optimal flow, is the purpose of EFT treatments"
Dr. Silvia Hartmann