The Rainbow Warrior
Ruby Davis
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Ruby Davis

The Rainbow Warrior

I identify as a Jedi Padawan

Play is apart of healing.  We must dare to dream and dream big.  Healing should also be fun.  Even though I have a shadow self, I also have a piece of myself that is totally a Jedi.  *Laughing*

As I have further pursued my Energy Medicine studies, I have also practiced Okinawan style karate.   I love the balance of training to kill and practicing healing.  Self defense training has been incredibily empowering and has made me confront my ego like nothing else.  Karate teaches respect for life and only to be used in self defense.  It teaches things like how to fall correctly, and how to use gardening tools as weapons.  It is an incredible workout and teaches that we can polish the spirit through sweat.  So when I am not practicing healing.  I am practicing Kata, Sparring Techniques, Self Defense, and Weapons Training.  

Karuna Reiki Master Teacher
Energy Psychology
Sound Resonance Therapy
Crystal Resonance Therapy 
Thai Yoga Massage
Emotional Freedom Technique
Master Practitioner

I have a deep passion for healing.  Reiki and EFT (Emotinal Freedoom Technique) have been a powerful tool for me through some of the biggest challenges of my life.  It's been a true awaking for me and has become an incredible healing adventure.  Healing and moving forward has become a natural process and the beauty of it has been breathtaking.  There is a beautiful life of fulfillment that awaits.  We must claim it.  Once we start moving through blocks together, it get's easier and easier.  The techniques I show you can be easily remembered and used as needed anywhere.  I am happy to stand with you and hold the light for you.

There are things I have learned about myself.  I am not afraid of my darkness.  I won't be afraid of your dark places either.  I have learned to have compassion for myself and my learning process.  Practicing this takes a huge weight off most situations.  I have learned that we are examples of divine love and an expression of that love.  

It's all energy!  All of it.  It gets stuck that's all.  Stress and trauma have a huge impact on the body and the mind.  Energy moves.  Everything changes.  Nothing remains the same.  When we tap into the energy body, we wash away the impact that the stressful situations have over the body and mind.  It's something that is best explained during a free consultation and demonstration so just go ahead and schedule your consultation today!